How to make RF Controlled Robot.

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wireless controlled robot without a microcontroller.

we can just control a lot of things using the rf module.the best part about the radio frequency is that it has a quite decent range and even it can work beyond the physical obstructions.

so we are making a simple robot to demonstrate how to use radio frequencies to switch anything

the following components we need to build the robot:-

1.RF module

2.HT12e (encoder ic)HT12E HT12D Encoder Decoder Pair

3.HT12d(decoder ic)

4.L293d (motor driver)2 piece l293d ic

5.7805 voltage regulator


7.resistors 33k and 730k

8.push switches

 9v battery 

Block diagram:-

Block Diagram for RF Controlled Robot

Circuit Diagrams and Explanation:-

pic credit Circuit digest.

for the transmitter side or we can call it remote

note-you can also use a LED on pin 14 to ensure the transmission is enabled.

for the robot circuit on the VC pin in l2934, we can use the desired voltage.


u can also check android controlled robot here


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    Nice tutorial for electronics enthusiast .great place to learn