Make your own GPS SMS Security Tracking System

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In this project, I will show you how to combine a SIM5320 3G module with an Arduino and a piezoelectric transducer as a shock sensor in order to create a security tracking system that will send you the location of your precious vehicle via SMS when it is moved around without you knowing it.

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Parts list

1x SIM5320 3G Module (USA):

1x Arduino Pro Mini:

1x MCP602 OpAmp:

2x 20kΩ, 2x 680kΩ, 1x 10kΩ, 1x 470Ω Resistor:

1x 50kΩ Trimmer:


1x LM2940CT 5.0 Voltage Regulator:

1x 220nF, 1x 22µF Capacitor:

1x Piezoelectric Transducer:

1x Key Switch:

Credits: GreatScott!