Home automation using Arduino and bluetooth:

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Android-based home automation using Arduino uno.

This project has integration of Android mobile technology and embedded system. Android mobile user has to install an application on his mobile handset to control the devices. Then he/she can give command using the buttons on that application. For this you have to turn on the Bluetooth on mobile, so the main wireless controlling technique used in this project is Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth receiver will be connected to the project. This Bluetooth device is connected to the circuit which has a decoder. It sends out a code for respective command sent by user. Then the respective device connected to the circuit will be turned on or off depending on the command given. For example: Turn on motor, Turn off motor. Turn on buzzer etc. Such that by giving commands from mobile you can control home appliances.

Now day’s smartphones are getting more smarter and with their great connectivity and processing power. we can easy use them in lots of ways.we used Arduino uno as a brain of this build.

home automation make our life more easier and gives control to us,

home automation can be done with many ways but as the android is growing faster we designed app for android

to control your home appliances.

and HC-05 for the connectivity.

we can use our phones as a remote to control our home devices.

in this project we are going to use an Arduino Uno and a hc-05 (Bluetooth module).a relay circuit and an android mobile.

always remember to disconnect the Rx and tx pins before uploading the code.

Block diagram:

home automation,bluetooth,androidCircuit diagram
home automation , arduino, bluetooth,uno,hc-05

  • Arduino UNO board arduino
  • relay module relays
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • some 9v battery’s
  • some jumper wire’s

you can download app created by me on this link

and the Arduino Uno code for Arduino Uno code

you just need to connect the circuit component with the help of block diagram and just upload the code.

and connect it with the application by selecting hc-05 in the Bluetooth menus now ur ready to control all components with relay


  1. Home automation – This project can be used to control various devices in the Home

2.Can also be used for security purpose after modification (we can control gate system or we can interface wireless camera and can control it using our mobile)

3.It can be also used for controlling all devices in the home.


check the connectivity in the app so you can use it

single click to on  and long press to off the devices

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make sure do not handle the circuit inappropriate as it has a mains voltage.